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A Concert Day to Remember

March 27, 2022 was a day to remember: when the full auditorium greeted the full orchestra once again. We opened the concert with the Ukrainian national anthem. After the somber memento, Peter Boyer’s Fanfare for Tomorrow provided a much needed uplift. Next up, the music of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor met the words of George Washington, compiled poignantly by Aaron Dworkin, and delivered with brilliance and dignity by Marques Ruff.

The emotional catharsis came through Peter Boyer‘s Ellis Island. Stories of seven immigrants were brought to life by seven wonderful actors, honed to perfection over many weeks of tireless work by the stage director Craig Jessen. The masterful musical treatment hardly left an eye dry. The projection of images and period photographs added an intensity and immediacy to the experience that was at times almost overwhelming even for your conductor!

The music was, of course, the main star. It truly worked its magic in the hands of the expertly playing Rogue Valley Symphony. Bravo to you all. Last but by no means least, my RVS colleagues Joelle, Mark and Lisa proved indispensable for this project. Thank you!

The photo below: it was a special treat to have the composer Peter Boyer come to see the show!!

A day to remember!

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