RVS Digital Detours aim to provide experiences that would be unavailable in the concert hall. Music is at their center, but these are more than recorded concerts. They are documentaries/road movies about music and music creation. And they are a whole lot of fun!

Digital Detour 1 was filmed in four gorgeous settings in the picturesque Rogue Valley. It features seven soloists that I accompany on the piano. The film is complete with interviews and views of the beautiful natural scenery of Southern Oregon. 


Digital Detour 2 was conceived in gratitude for the selfless work of medical professionals, who bravely faced the new and unknown coronavirus this spring. They continue to work tirelessly in order to save lives in this global pandemics. Nurses were on our minds in particular. They are the unsung heroes, often in the line of fire.


When the devastating Almeda Fire descended on the region, we had to broaden our focus. In the midst of terror, our eyes opened to new heroes. Fire fighters. First Responders. Regular citizens risking their lives in order to save others and to save valuable property. There are so many heroes we wanted to thank with this film. It is a musical tribute to all of those who showed us the indomitability of the human spirit.

If you are hungry for more, you can watch some of my "quarantine" videos. During this pandemic interregnum, I am creating a series of discussions on some of my favorite orchestral pieces. The first five chapters are here for your enjoyment.


These videos want to brighten your day. Succumb to the temptation!





I guested on The Playful Musician podcast. The host Steve Davidson guided the discussion with a great care and insight. We cover a lot of ground, from my upbringing and living through the Velvet Revolution through my process of learning scores to the philosophy of working with my fellow musicians. Check it out on his website or on your favorite podcast platform, such as Apple Podcast or my personal favorite Overcast

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